The Phoenix Suns currently have the second-best odds at landing the NBA’s No. 1 draft pick, thanks to their second-worst record in the league.

At 22-57, they currently sit a game and a half “ahead” of the Lakers for the No. 2 odds in the NBA draft lottery (Los Angeles is 23-55).

Who will they take if they land the No. 2 pick?

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Our mock draft tracker takes a look at post-NCAA Tournament NBA draft projections for Phoenix.

The draft will be June 22. The draft lottery is May 16.

NBA DRAFT LOTTERY: Where will the Suns pick?

Suns at No. 2 in recent mock drafts: Suns take Kansas SF Josh Jackson (Washington’s Markelle Fultz goes No. 1)

Andrew Sharp writes: “Halfway through the year, Josh Jackson was dogged by questions about his jumper. He’s got a hitch in his shot, his scoring was inconsistent, and his low percentage from the line (56%) wasn’t inspiring much hope for a future on the perimeter. Since then, two things have happened. First, Jackson’s scoring and shooting picked up as the year went on, giving scouts a preview of just how good he could be if he does develop a passable game on the perimeter. Second, he was so good at everything else for Kansas that obsessing over his jumper began to feel shortsighted. He could be a two-way terror at the next level, with a relatively high floor as a do-everything wing. Pairing Jackson with Devin Booker might be the most attractive fit in the draft, so here’s to hoping Phoenix can build on the truly impressive 12-game-losing streak to keep this pick secure.” Suns go with Jackson (Fultz goes No. 1) Suns pick UCLA PG Lonzo Ball (Fultz goes No. 1)

ESPN’s Chad Ford: Suns select Ball (Fultz goes No. 1) Suns go with Ball (Fultz goes No. 1)

NBA DRAFT LOTTERY HISTORY: How have Phoenix Suns fared?

Suns picking elsewhere in recent mock drafts: Suns go with Jackson at No. 3 (Fultz goes No. 1, Ball goes No. 2)

Daniel O’Brien writes: “The Suns will scoop up the most versatile player in the entire draft. Fultz and Ball are can’t miss guards with game-changing offense, but Jackson is the top all-around weapon and greatest multi-positional threat.” Suns take Ball at No. 3 (Jackson goes No. 1, Fultz goes No. 2) Suns select Jackson at No. 3 (Fultz goes No. 1, Ball goes No. 2) Suns pick Kentucky PG De’Aaron Fox at No. 3 (Fultz goes No. 1, Ball goes No. 2) Suns end up with Ball at No. 3 (Jackson goes No. 1, Fultz goes No. 2)

NBA POWER RANKINGS: What to make of Suns?

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