One of the hottest Latin-music tours right now is “Gloria Trevi vs. Alejandra Guzmán,” an evening that pairs two superstar divas for one big show. The tour, which hits Glendale on Saturday, Sept. 16, brings up an interesting question: Who would win if the two divas actually duked it out? Well, that’s not going to happen — we hope — but it does give us the opportunity to see how the two match up in some carefully selected categories. 

The pedigrees

In Mexican entertainment, La Guzmán is royalty. Her father, Enrique Guzmán, is a seminal Spanish-language rock-and-roller, although it’s rock in the Pat Boone sense of the word. Her mother is Silvia Pinal, a star from Mexico’s golden age of cinema. Trevi’s origins are much more grounded in reality: She’s the daughter of an architect and a homemaker.  

The decision: Guzmán.

The controversies

Both women have watched their lives be dragged through the mud by the Spanish-language media. And, quite honestly, it’s not like they didn’t provide the fodder. For example, 1989 was not a good year for Guzmán. In May, her driver was found dead at her house; police later ruled it a suicide. The next month, her new husband, American Farrell Goodman, was arrested in Germany on charges of possessing Ecstasy. She quickly ended the marriage while he remained in jail. 

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Still, that doesn’t hold a candle to Trevi, whose life is the stuff of a juicy telenovela. In 2000, she was arrested in Brazil and spent more than three years in prison on charges of rape, kidnapping and corrupting minors. Behind bars, she became pregnant and gave birth to a son, Angel Gabriel. In 2004, all charges were dropped after a court ruled there was not enough evidence against her. 

The decision: Are you kidding? Trevi, by a landslide. 

The movies

In 1991, Guzmán starred in “Verano Peligroso,” which was little more than the Mexican equivalent of the third feature at a drive-in. That same year, Trevi starred in “Pelo Suelto,” inspired by her song of the same name and even less entertaining. More impressive: The 2014 biopic “Gloria” features Sofia Espinosa playing Trevi. It won five Ariel Awards, Mexico’s equivalent of the Oscar. 

The decision: Trevi. 

The charts 

In the States, Guzmán has hit the Latin Pop Songs chart 14 times, reaching No. 1 with “Volverte a Amar” in 2006. Trevi’s appeared 15 times, but she’s never gotten higher than No. 4, which she reached with 2008’s “Cinco Minutos.” 

The decision: Split.

The images

Both women claim to be rockeras, or female rockers. But it feels more authentic and less calculated coming from Guzmán, who always has been something of a wild child. She just seems gleefully unfiltered and slightly off-kilter: After all, this is a woman who flashed the crowd her bare breast during a 2003 show at the Comerica Theatre. Trevi — prison time aside — seems more manufactured and manicured. 

The decision: Bad girl Guzmán wins out. 

The songs

Guzmán, like an early riot grrl, offered some cheerfully sneering pop-punk confections through such classics as “Eternamente Bella,” “Reina de Corazones,” “Mirala, Miralo” and “Hacer el Amor con Otro,” one of the great Mexican weepers. As she matured, she was able to modify her sound but not lose her edge through hits like “De Verdad” and the telenovela theme “Día de Suerte.” There was even a classy duet with Franco de Vita, “Tan Solo Tú.” 

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Trevi started out with a waiflike image and such tracks as “Pelo Suelto” and “Zapatos Viejos,” songs heavier on attitude than vocal ability. She has gotten surprisingly adventurous musically. Her last disc, 2015’s “El Amor,” is a love story told from both the female and male perspective. It’s not entirely successful, but it sure is bold. 

The decision: Guzmán.

Final decision

It’s Guzmán, though Trevi can put up a heck of a fight.

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‘Gloria Trevi vs. Alejandra Guzmán’

When: 8 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 16.

Where: Gila River Arena, 9400 W. Maryland Ave., Glendale.

Admission: $55-$122. 

Details: 623-772-3800,

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