Would you spend $7,500 for three games of the best college basketball? How about $275? Reporter Perry Vandell breaks down the action on the tickets before the big games. Patrick Breen/

Let’s face it, when you pack 76,000-some people into a football stadium to watch basketball, some seats are going to be real doozies.

A typical basketball arena seats about 20,000 or fewer. But the venues have ballooned along with the frenzy surrounding March Madness. The NCAA held its first Final Four in a football stadium in Detroit in 2009.

So while you may not see a thing, you’ll have the ticket to prove you were there.

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“It’s as much about the venue and the atmosphere as it is about the ticket,” said Sam Slack, who came from Nevada and has an upper-level seat.

Final Four comes to Arizona

Virginian Sarah Daugherty wasn’t so amenable to the “any seat” mentality. She and her friend, Shannon Wright, have floor-level seats, $1,225 each.

Daugherty said having a clear view of the court is vital to enjoying the game — otherwise you might as well watch TV at home.

As the tournament gets underway at the University of Phoenix Stadium on Saturday, fans will watch the teams compete on elevated hardwood somewhere near where the 50 yard line would be at an Arizona Cardinals game.

Here’s a look at what game-goers may pay and see for their money.

The cheap seats

Section 433, Row 22, Seats 16-19: $275 each, the cheapest three-game tickets available Friday on StubHub.

If you’re going to get a nosebleed in Glendale, this may be the spot. It’s the second-highest row of seats in the entire stadium, which makes the court look like the size of your thumb. To top it off, the seats are roughly behind one of the backboards.

You get what you pay for.

The end zone

Main Level End 140: $550 on Friday for three-game ticket on StubHub.

A little extra cash can take you down to the stadium’s main level, but consider the court’s orientation in the center of the stadium. An end-zone seat may not be too shabby during a football game, but the court is a ways away. And you may struggle to see what’s happening on the other side.

Ring of Honor seats

Ring of Honor Corner 418: $775 on Friday for three-game ticket on StubHub.

It might seem strange that a higher price puts you back in the upper level, but the Ring of Honor Corner has a better vantage of the court. You can clearly see both hoops, and there’s only one row of seats ahead of you on this level.

The closer look

Main Level Section 111, Row 31, Seats 17-18: $2,100 each for three-game ticket Friday on StubHub.

Shelling out multiple thousands earns you a clearer perspective of the court down on the main level.

The fantastic view

Riser Sideline 128: $5,000 for three-game ticket Friday on StubHub.

More than doubling the previous investment takes you closer courtside with a fantastic view. You’re probably 100 feet from the court and have a clear view of the full court. You’re not at the exact center, but close enough that there aren’t any major obstructions.

Priciest seat in the house

Riser Sideline 110, Row T: $7,500, the most expensive three-game ticket Friday on StubHub.

These seats are currently the best that money can buy. The extra $2,500 doesn’t upgrade the chair itself (it’s still foldable), but you’re as close to the court as you can get if you’re purchasing tickets the day before the semifinals.

Includes information from Arizona Republic reporter Alden Woods.


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