Did you travel to Phoenix for the Miss Teen USA Competition? The city has a lot more than scorching heat to offer you and your family. While you’re in town, why not try some of our favorite things to do? Here is your local guide to the Grand Canyon State’s capital.

Food and Dining

Check out local favorites

Republic and azcentral food critic Dominic Armato selected the top downtown Phoenix restaurants out of a wide array of places to eat. From the nationally-renowned Pizzeria Bianco to the fine dining at Blue Hound Kitchen & Cocktails, you’re sure to find something that’ll satisfy any craving.

Rise and shine

Armato spent one month trying more than 50 breakfast joints around the Valley. So he gave you the top 15 places for the best eggs, pastries and breakfast sausages.

Affordable and delicious

Arizona State University has a downtown Phoenix campus, and with students on tight budgets, they know which places are the best for their stomachs and their budgets. Here are the top 15 restaurants that won’t break your wallet.

Classic spots

The Valley is home to many restaurants that have stood the test of time. If you’re in the mood for history on a plate, try some of the places that were here before some of us were born.

We were on TV

Some restaurants in Arizona have received national attention for being on Food Network. Do you recognize any of these 40 locations from your TV screens?

Restaurants based on generation

Did you travel with your family? If so, there’s an extensive restaurant guide on where to eat based on your generation. You’ll find many different restaurants, some that are outside of the Phoenix area if you’re looking to escape the city.

Don’t forget dessert

For those with a sweet tooth, you’re in luck. You can take a guilt-free tour of Phoenix’s best places for a light, healthy dessert.

Need something stronger

If you wanted to find a bar with the best drinks, we found 15 of the best bars in downtown, midtown Phoenix. Phoenix is also filled with speak easy-inspired underground bars.

ASU students, we also have the best bars in Tempe and Phoenix listed for you.

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Things to Do

Take a hike

If you wanted to explore some of Arizona’s scenery, a hike is one of the best ways to do that. But be sure to bring more water than you think you’ll need, especially if hiking in the heat.

A little bit of everything

Phoenix has a lot of culture to offer with its diverse museums and things to do. Visit the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Arts (which is free after 5 p.m. on Fridays), or check out the Mill Avenue nightlife. See other things to do in the metro Phoenix area.

Chill out at the aquarium

Despite being surrounded by sand and dust, Phoenix has a lot of aquariums. Get lost by staring into ginormous fish tanks.

For the nerds

Between arcades and comic book stores, there’s bound to be a place to let your inner nerd run wild at any of these 14 places.

Groove at a concert

There are two concerts that music reporter Ed Masley is looking forward to this weekend. Do you have time to see any of the concerts of the weekend?

This weekend only

There are events happening only this week in Arizona. If you can attend any of these, they’re sure to be fun.

It’s too hot

Honestly if it’s so hot that you don’t feel like moving, we can completely relate. We even compiled 100 ways to survive 100-degree heat.

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