By: Thomas Boni

The Today’s Homeowner staff cracks up while Danny pretends to smoke a pipe and makes funny faces during an ice cream social.

The “Today’s Homeowner” cast and crew work hard every day.

Whether hosts Danny and Chelsea are tackling projects inside and outside countless homes; the production team is taping our nationally televised show or producing our weekly radio show; or office staff is working on accounting, public relations or web operations, we stay busy!

But we’re not all work and no play.

The team enjoys each other’s company and regularly celebrates success.

Following an eventful year that included the television show receiving its highest number of viewers in May, todayshomeowner.com attracting more visitors than ever and the radio show’s rapid growth, the team recently completed some exciting projects and wanted to recognize coworkers’ great work.

You’ll hear more about those exciting projects soon.

For now, check out photos from our fun ice cream social!


Today’s Homeowner celebrates milestones, projects with ice cream social


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