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Planters filled with greenery or flowers add pizzazz to your patio, especially when you mix and match containers to create a stunning scene. Here are some tips from Southern Patio:

  • Consider the size of your space. Huge containers on a small patio can overwhelm the space. On the other hand, little containers won’t fill out a large space. Chose a variety of container sizes and shapes to complement your area.
  • Determine how much sunlight your patio gets during the day; this will determine what types of plants will grow best.
  • Also, be sure to match the plants and containers. A tall plant in a small planter looks awkward. Tiny plants in a larger planter can look dwarfed.
  • There are ways to create different looks in the space. Different sized and shaped containers all the same finish or color give your patio a clean, sophisticated look. A variety of finishes sizes and shapes lends an eclectic air.
  • To get a sense of how the plants and planters will look in your space, first do a dry run. Place the plants in the containers without soil. That way you can switch the plants and planters if necessary. It also makes them easier to move around.

To see planters and products, visit www.southernpatio.com.


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