Old Town Scottsdale will get its first new hotel in a decade, plus five more.

City planners in metro Phoenix’s tourist hotspot say nine new hotels are in various stages of planning, including one in north Scottsdale, six in Old Town and two farther south. 

The last hotel to open in Old Town was the W Hotel in 2008.

The development burst comes after a marked period of slow hotel growth during the recession, according to Randy Grant, Scottsdale’s director of planning and development services.

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“There’s a confidence in the market,” he said, noting increased funding for new hotels. 

He attributes some of the spark to Super Bowl LVII, which the Valley will host in 2023. 

Scottsdale, with about 9,000 hotel rooms, traditionally gets an outsize share of visitors during mega-events. The broader area, including Paradise Valley and Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community, boasts about 13,500 rooms, according to city of Scottsdale data.

What’s coming?

In total, the new hotels will add approximately 1,300 rooms for the city.

  • The Edition at Waterview: Camelback Road and 73rd Street, 246 rooms.
  • Don and Charlie’s: Camelback Road and 75th Street, 181 rooms.
  • Southbridge Hotel: Scottsdale Road and Camelback Road, no room details available yet. 
  • Winfield Hotel: Scottsdale Road and Fourth Avenue, 244 rooms.
  • Canopy by Hilton: First Street and Marshall Way, 178 rooms.
  • Museum Square: Second Street and Marshall Way, 190 rooms.
  • Element at SkySong: Scottsdale Road and SkySong Boulevard, 153 rooms.
  • Papago Plaza: Scottsdale Road and McDowell Road, no room details available yet.
  • Fairfield Marriott at DC Ranch Crossings: Pima Road and Trailside View, 125 rooms.

Only one of the hotels, Element at Skysong, has broken ground. All others, except Southbridge, has plans working their way through the city. 

One could reach 15 stories

Museum Square is expected to be the tallest at between 130-150 feet, or about 13-15 stories.

Such heights can be a point of contention for some Scottsdale residents and leaders, while others embrace an urban vibe in parts of Old Town. The city recently passed a downtown development plan that allows buildings just outside the downtown core to rise up to 150 feet.

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The developer must provide the city with a public amenity, such as public parking, public art or mobility access and pedestrian walkways.

Southbridge developer Carter Unger said he expects to provide new public parks, plazas and shaded walkways to strengthen pedestrian connections at his project in Old Town. 

Other projects are expected to range between 65 to 90 feet. 

Those with height proposals already submitted include:

  • The Edition at Waterview: 90 feet.
  • Winfield Hotel: 90 feet.
  • Canopy by Hilton: 76 feet.
  • Don and Charlie’s: 74 feet.
  • Element at SkySong: 65 feet.


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