Welcome to For the Win’s weekly quarterback rankings. You can read our preseason rankings here. For these power rankings, we’re wiping the slate clean for 2017 and basing these rankings entirely on this season.


1. Aaron Rodgers, Packers
2. Tom Brady, Patriots
3. Drew Brees, Saints

The rest of these rankings have been shaken up quite a bit after Week 1, but we’re going to keep the top tier untouched … for now. None of these quarterbacks had particularly good days. Brady struggled on perimeter throws as the Chiefs dropped an extra defender into the middle of the field to take away the quick passing game. Rodgers never looked completely comfortable against what will be another great Seahawks day, but he pulled off enough Rodgers magic to take over the number one spot. Brees also had to deal with a tough defense but lacked the precision we’ve come to expect from him. I expect better days for all three in Week 2.


4. Sam Bradford, Vikings
5. Matt Ryan, Falcons
6. Matthew Stafford, Lions
7. Russell Wilson, Seahawks
8. Philip Rivers, Chargers
9. Derek Carr, Raiders
10. Dak Prescott, Cowboys
11. Alex Smith, Chiefs

I was really tempted to elevate Bradford to the first tier after what I saw from him in Week 1. Then I remembered he was playing the Saints. Still, Bradford showed off the accuracy that scouts have fawned over throughout his career. The most surprising aspect of his performance was his ability to manage pressure. Stafford nearly cracked the top-five after a stellar second half, but we still want to see more consistency from the Lions signal-caller. Ryan produced an uneven performance; the 2015 MVP made some nice plays but his accuracy was shoddy. Smith moves up to the second tier after a very un-Alex Smith-like performance. The Chiefs QB attacked the Patriots defense deep and hit the mark more often than not. We’d like to see more of that aggressiveness going forward, Alex.


12. Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers
13. Cam Newton, Panthers
15. Eli Manning, Giants
16. Carson Palmer, Cardinals

This is the “We expect so much better from you” tier. Roethlisberger did not look good unless he was throwing to Antonio Brown. Newton has a lot of rust to shake off before he’ll look like a top-10 quarterback again, though he did improve in the second half against the Niners. Missing a wide open Ed Dickson is the end zone is inexcusable. Manning avoided big mistakes but was ineffective. Don’t be surprised if he continues to fall in these rankings. Palmer’s performance was not nearly as bad as his stat line implies. He made one bad decision and was unfortunate on his other two interceptions. That said, he could (and needs) to play a lot better.


17. Jameis Wintson, Buccaneers
18. Marcus Mariota, Titans
19.Trevor Siemian, Broncos
20. Tyrod Taylor, Bills
21. Carson Wentz, Eagles

We did not see the improvement we all expected out of Mariota to start out his third season. His footwork still leaves a lot to be desired. The Titans QB missed far too many throws against the Raiders because of poor lower body mechincs. I’m officially a fan of Siemian’s. The second-year starter may not have a strong arm but he’s poised in the pocket and unafraid to throw into tight windows. Wentz produced some splash plays, including this Favre-ian touchdown, but he didn’t look much better than what we saw out of him last year. He turned it over twice and was lucky not to throw one or two more picks.


22. Jay Cutler, Dolphins
23. Kirk Cousins, Redskins
24. Joe Flacco, Ravens
25. Andy Dalton, Bengals
26. Blake Bortles, Jaguars
27. Jared Goff, Rams
28. DeShone Kizer, Browns

This tier is populated by mostly veterans who were either downright bad on Sunday (Dalton and Cousins) or didn’t have much to do (Flacco and Bortles.) The young guns (Kizer and Goff) impressed on Sunday and could be moving on up if they continue to build on good Week 1 performances. The most impressive thing about Goff’s performance was his willingness and ability to attack the deep and intermediate parts of the field.


29. Tom Savage, Texans
30. Josh McCown, Jets
31. Brian Hoyer, 49ers
32. Scott Tolzien, Colts

I’m already mad enough that I had to watch these four play so I’m not going to waste anymore time writing about them. None of them have any business starting for an NFL team.

Best throw of the week

Take a bow, Sam Bradford. How on earth did he put this ball right where it needed to be while taking a huge hit in the pocket? You can write off his performance on Monday because of his competition, but the Saints played this perfectly and Bradford still beat it.

Worst throw of the week

This throw by Scott Tolzien is pretty bad, but that’s what you expect from a quarterback like him. This back-foot throw from Kirk Cousins was equally egregious and essentially cost the Redskins the game.

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