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Tempe police rescued two adults and their infant who fell into Tempe Town Lake Saturday evening.

Multiple Tempe Fire Department crews responded to the scene for a “water rescue” according to the Phoenix Fire Department regional dispatch center website. 

A Tempe Fire official told The Arizona Republic in an emailed statement that “two adults with their infant … all went in the water.”

A police boat pulled the three out of the water, the official added. Tempe Fire said they refused to be taken the hospital but were examined on site and found to have “no immediate issues.”

Tempe police spokesman Anthony Nardini described the incident as a “little boat flip,” in an emailed statement to the Arizona Republic. He provided no additional details.

There were conflicting reports over the type of water craft the group was in. Police called it a boat, while fire officials called it a paddle board. Neither Tempe police nor fire officials clarified how the water craft flipped over.

The lake has been the scene of numerous fatal drownings.

In June, dive teams recovered the body of a man who reportedly jumped into Tempe Town Lake. Witnesses told police that an adult male threw his bicycle off the bridge then jumped into the lake. The man then reportedly surfaced, yelling for help before going under the water and not resurfacing.

In 2013, Joseph “Okie” O’Connor, Tempe’s boarding-programs coordinator, fell off a city-owned boat he was manning near Mill Avenue bridge. 

Onlookers tried to help when they saw O’Connor plunge into the water. He tried to get back into the boat but then disappeared under the water. Tempe Fire Department divers later recovered his body.


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