As triple-digit temperatures rise, Phoenix Fire Department Engine 4 tries to contain a house fire south of Interstate 10 near 11th Street at Moreland. Nick Oza/

Firefighters responded to a house fire that could be seen throughout the downtown Phoenix area on Monday afternoon.

Both a house and a palm tree were ablaze when firefighters arrived on the scene, near Moreland and 11th streets.

Officials say they don’t know whether the fire began in the house or tree.

Phoenix Fire Department officials said one person who lived in the back part of the house escaped the fire without any injuries.

Investigators are on the scene to determine the cause.

“This was an extremely hot fire on an extremely hot day,” said Capt. Reda Bigler, of the Phoenix Fire Department.

The National Weather Service in a tweet said the temperature at Phoenix Sky Habor International Airport had reached 117 degrees just after 3 p.m., but the agency had not yet declared it the day’s high temperature.


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