Phoenix police officers and their supporters gathered at Phoenix City Hall Thursday evening to honor the 38 fallen Phoenix officers who lost their lives in the line of duty.

The 5th Annual Phoenix Police Memorial Ceremony began in the Phoenix City Hall atrium. Numerous officers gathered with loved ones of fallen officers to honor and remember their lives.

Each fallen officer’s name, serial number and end-of-watch date was read by an active officer, starting with Officer Haze Burch in 1925 and continuing to the most recent, Officer David Glasser, who was fatally shot in May 2016.

“From Officer Haze Burch in 1925 to Officer David Glasser just last May, Phoenix police officers have made the ultimate sacrifice and service to this community,” said Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton. “We as a city, elected officials, as a citizen of this community, remain deeply and eternally indebted to each of our fallen officers, and to each member of their families and loved ones.”

The ceremony proceeded with a procession outside to the Phoenix City Employee Memorial, where a wreath was placed, and fallen Officer Glasser’s name was added to the memorial.

“As police officers, we face crime, violence, positive and unfortunately negative public opinions,” said Assistant Police Chief Tracy Montgomery. “We confront evil-doers every day knowing that our names could someday be among the fallen officers on the memorial wall.”

After the ceremony, attendees were invited across the street to historic City Hall and the home of the Phoenix Police Museum where survivors and name readers could place a rose for their fallen officer in the memorial.

“It’s very moving,” Lt. David Saflar told The Arizona Republic. “Every officer makes that choice. They get up, they come to work, they put on that uniform every day, and they know that day might be the day they don’t get to go home, and that’s why it makes it a big deal that we remember those who did make that sacrifice.”


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