A patient escaped from the Arizona State Hospital’s Arizona Community Protection and Treatment Center staff on Saturday evening during an off-site treatment activity, according to the Arizona Department of Health Services.

The escapee has been identified as Randy Layton, 37.

Officials said he removed his tracking device and is considered a moderate risk to others. The hospital staff are working with Phoenix police on the investigation and say they’re assessing their security measures for all off-site treatment activities.

Officials said Layton has several aliases, including Randy Fulkerson, and Randy Valdez.

The Arizona Community Protection and Treatment Center “is a civil commitment program mandated by the Arizona Legislature to provide supervision, care, and treatment to men adjudicated as sexually violent persons who have already completed their prison sentence,” according to the ADHS press release.

All admissions and readmissions to, and discharges from the center are court ordered.

Note: An earlier version of the story said the escapee is a convicted sex offender. We have update to clarify that he is a patient in a hospital program that treats ‘sexually violent persons’?.

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