The Boston Celtics, Minnesota Timberwolves, and Cleveland Cavaliers are just a few of the teams who will be sporting advertisement patches on their jerseys this upcoming NBA season.

When NBA owners voted to allow teams to add patches to their jerseys for advertisement, it opened the door for creative partnerships.

The Minnesota Timberwolves announced a jersey patch deal with Fitbit on Tuesday, and the team hopes the partnership becomes something that players, the team office and even fans will participate in. 

Later on Tuesday, the Orlando Sentinel reported that the Magic has a deal with Walt Disney World.

Fitbit will provide the Timberwolves, the Minnesota Lynx and the Iowa Wolves of the G-League access to devices. The Fitbit logo will appear on Timberwolves and Wolves jerseys. The patch will be unveiled with new uniforms coming out before the season. 

“This is so much bigger and so much broader of a relationship than just the exposure and the brand association with our jerseys, our players, our team,”  Timberwolves CEO Ethan Casson told USA TODAY Sports. “This is fully integrated, and this involves lots of different platforms that we’re excited to work on together.”

The team and Fitbit are working to integrate concessions menus into the food-logging sections of the app, so fans will be able to get information on the food they purchase at games.

Disney World and the Magic have a three year agreement for the patch to be on the front left of the jerseys.

The Sentinel reported that the contract has provisions for renewal if the NBA renews the program after the 2019-20 season.