Mexican soldiers seized a handmade bazooka they say was used to launch packages containing drugs over the border fence into Douglas.

Mexico’s Attorney General’s Office said Wednesday that the soldiers, working with investigators, found the bazooka last week during a raid on a home.

A spokesperson said the house was in the Agua Prieta, Sonora, neighborhood of Salsipuedes, which translates to “Get out if you can,” and is about a mile from the U.S.-Mexico border.

The bazooka was made using a large cylinder about 2 feet in diameter and 6 feet in length. It had a compressor on one end to launch the drug packages, Mexican officials said. The device was mounted inside a van that had the back seats removed so the projectiles could be shot from the vehicle when the back doors were open, photos show.

In addition to the van and the bazooka, soldiers seized 1,800 pounds of marijuana from the home. They also found more than 1,900 rounds of ammunition.

The agency said they’ve made no arrests in connection with the discovery.

Law enforcement on both sides of the border have acknowledged the creativity of drug traffickers in getting contraband across the border as fencing and other infrastructure goes up.

Agua Prieta is separated from its smaller sister city of Douglas by 18-foot-tall bollard-style fencing, which allows border agents to see between the large metal poles in the fence to the other side.

Earlier this year, Border Patrol agents recovered a catapult mounted on the border fence east of Douglas that was used to launch drug packages over the fence.

That contraption was found in an urban area within Agua Prieta with a remote, desert area facing it on the Arizona side.


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