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A married couple has been arrested in connection with a homicide investigation where human remains were found inside a central Phoenix home. 

According to court records, 36-year-old Metika Monet Najar was booked into jail on suspicion of abandonment of a dead body and hindering prosecution. Leviticus Najar, 32, was also booked on suspicion of abandonment of a dead body.  

Officers went to a house in the 4000 block of North 14th Place just after 6 p.m. Aug. 2 after they received a call from a homeowner who said there were possible human remains in his home.

The homeowner, Douglas Blackburn, was doing renovations at the house when he saw that the flooring was not level, records state. Blackburn pulled up the floorboards in a back bedroom and discovered a foul-smelling, six-foot-long truck toolbox wrapped in plastic, documents state. 

Officers opened the box and found a mattress with its springs and stuffing pulled out, tied up with rope, documents state. Officers cut the rope and found several trash bags that “had a liquid feel” and smelled heavily of decomposition, records show. 

Blackburn, who lives in Connecticut, had returned to Arizona to evict his daughter, Metika, and her husband from the home he had rented to them since 2005, records state.

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Police cut through 12 layers of wrapping to find a human skull wrapped in duct tape and hair in the center, according to records. Police also found blood droplets in the room where the body was located and on the ceiling in the living room, records state.

According to records, police also found a burned outline of a mattress and charred clothing in the backyard next to a fire pit.      

Police located Metika Najar and she told police that she had met someone named “Scrappy” and his brother “Chris” several months ago and let them stay at her residence on occasion, documents state. 

Scrappy and his girlfriend reportedly stayed in the room where the remains were found. About two weeks ago, she said her husband hit Chris with a bat to “get the bad spirits out in Scrappy’s room,” records show.

Metika Najar said Chris died and Leviticus Najar hid his body in the woodshed and wrapped it in tarp. Metika Najar said she never saw the body again, but admitted to police she “touched everything” and knew that Chris was put in a box, documents state. 

Metika Najar also said that she burned the mattress Chris was killed on and the clothes to protect her husband, records state. 

According to records, Metika Najar would occasionally refer to herself as “Jen” and believed that there was an evil entity in her house. Metika Najar also admitted to using methamphetamine every day for the past year, records state. 

Police have not yet publicly identified the remains. 

Metika Najar’s bond has been set at $10,000, and she is expected to appear in court on Aug. 10. Leviticus Najar’s bond is set at $75,000, and his next court date is also set for Aug. 10.  

The house where the human remains were discovered is on the same street Alan Champagne, a convicted killer, buried the bodies of his two victims back in 2011


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