Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes announced Wednesday he will appoint an internal replacement for his chief of staff, who resigned unexpectedly.

Fontes will promote Matt Morales to deputy recorder, reporting to Chief Deputy Recorder Keely Varvel.

Morales, a former Republican state legislative candidate, had been in charge of intergovernmental relations. Now, with the Legislature winding down its session, Morales will take on the additional duties of overseeing the office’s community-relations team, human resources, communications, information technology and budgeting.

Fontes’ former chief of staff, Mike Schiller, resigned last week because the job was straining the time with his family, including his wife, who lives in Ohio.

Fontes, a Democrat, has remade the office’s leadership team since taking office in January. Most hires have been external, though he recently promoted Rey Valenzuela to elections director.

Morales spent time at the Legislature this year lobbying for bills, including one that appeared to target the power of Fontes’ office.

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