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A man suspected of impersonating an officer in Tucson was arrested Wednesday by the Pima County Sheriff’s Department. 

The suspect, 38-year-old Bryan Watmore, was taken into custody after police searched his home following a report of an officer impersonation, the department said.

Watmore is facing two felony counts of impersonating a law enforcement officer. 

On Aug. 21, an off-duty Border Patrol agent alerted the Sheriff’s Department that an individual in an unmarked car with flashing blue and red lights attempted to pull him over three days before, officials said.

The agent told Sheriff’s officials the lights did not appear to be normal emergency equipment and was suspicious about the stop. 

The off-duty agent took a photo of the man’s car as he approached the off-duty agent’s car, making threatening gestures and flashed a badge before taking off, the Sheriff’s Office said.

The incident took place near the Forty Niner Country Club in Tucson.

Just before 8 a.m. Wednesday, patrol deputies conducted surveillance in the location and discovered a car matching the one reported by the border agent.

They then conducted a traffic stop with the suspect and were able to establish Watmore’s involvement, said the Sheriff’s Department.

Sheriff deputies obtained a search warrant for Watmore’s home where they discovered LED lights and a security officer badge. Narcotics also were found in Watmore’s car, officials said, adding additional charges related to that finding are pending.

Pima County Sheriff’s Department advised the public use extreme caution when approached by an unmarked vehicle and if suspicious, call 911 immediately to verify if the stop was valid. 


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