The Peoria Police Department released a surveillance video of a suspect in a robbery and shooting on April 12, 2017.

An 18-year-old man arrested in connection with the killing of a Peoria clothing store owner on Wednesday told police he intended to steal the woman’s Mercedes-Benz vehicle because he “wanted to drive it for a while,” according to a court document released Friday.

Jourdyn Ford also told investigators he shot the woman, Christina Park, 57, in the chest and she started to scream, according to the court record. So he shot her again in the right eye, the court record says.

Park was found by two shoppers who walked inside afterward. They told police they had been shopping for nearly 10 minutes before they found her on the ground behind the counter near the register, the court record says.

Peoria police officers who arrived at the scene found her with what appeared to be two gunshot wounds and found two .380mm shell casings on the floor close by, according to the court record. The shooting occurred about 4 p.m. Wednesday.

Park was carried by police to the south side of the business, Park Clothing Center, 8110 W. Peoria Ave. where she was treated by fire officials and was transported to Abrazo West Valley hospital. Medical personnel located two gunshot wounds: one in the chest area and another in the right eye, the court record says.

Park later was pronounced dead.

Detectives reviewed surveillance footage that showed Ford walking through the store, police said. A portion of that tape was publicly released Wednesday evening after the shooting. Ford shopped for 10 minutes and brought $400 worth of clothing to the counter, which Park rang up, police said.

Police said Ford is then seen taking out a black semiautomatic handgun and pointing it at the woman with his left hand. Police said he shot Park in the chest and she fell down behind the counter. Ford walked around the counter and shot the woman a second time in her right eye, according to the court record. The portion of the tape released to The Arizona Republic and other media outlets only shows him walking through the store, not a shooting.

According to the court document, Ford then reached for something in the victim’s pocket and can be seen driving away in her white SUV. Police were able to identify her vehicle, a white Mercedes SUV, after speaking to employees in neighboring business and the victim’s boyfriend.

An employee from Trailer State Supply, a business in the same complex, told police he saw a thin black man leaving the store who put a handful of clothes inside the white vehicle, the court record says. The man went back inside the store for a few seconds, then came back out and drove away onto Peoria Avenue, the witness told police.

Still photos of the video were distributed to authorities, and patrol officers were able to identify Ford from previous encounters, police said.

According to the court record, police obtained more information about the vehicle and, working with the Mercedes Corp., were able to use the vehicle’s GPS tracking system to find its location. The vehicle was found abandoned at an apartment complex in the 2400 block of West Turney Avenue in Phoenix, court records say.

According to court records, detectives looked through the vehicle window and saw clothing with hangers and tags still on them, as well as a hat the suspect was wearing in the surveillance video.

Police were able to track Ford through his cellphone, based on their prior arrest of him, according to the court record. He was located at another apartment complex, near 43rd Avenue and Indian School Road, early Thursday afternoon, the court record says. Ford initially ran from police, but was caught with the help of a K-9 unit, the court record says.

The court record says Ford made statements admitting to the crime, and police found a .380mm handgun on him. Ford told police it was the gun he used to shoot Park, according to the court record.

Ford told police that he entered the store intending to steal the Mercedes and rob the store, the court record says.

“Ford stated he pointed the gun at the victim and became scared when he gripped the gun tightly and pulled the trigger, shooting the victim in the chest,” the court record says. “The victim started screaming and Ford fired a second shot striking her in the right eye.”

During the interview with police, Ford said he was wearing the clothing he stole from the store and added that he wanted to steal the victim’s car because he wanted to drive it around for a while, the court record says.

Ford is being charged with murder in the first degree, armed robbery with a deadly weapon and theft of means of transportation.


Peoria police arrest suspect in homicide, robbery

Police at scene of robbery, shooting in Peoria

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