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By: Joe Truini

Mount a PVC pipe underneath a shelf to conveniently store cordless tools.

We all love cordless tools, but we all have the same problem: How do you store them so they’re out of the way but also readily available?

Well, here’s a Simple Solution: Make a hanging cradle out of a PVC pipe and then mount it to the underside of a shelf.

Just start with a 10-inch-long, 3-inch-diameter piece of PVC pipe. Drill a hole, with a hole saw, that is about 1 and ¾-inch in diameter, and use a jigsaw to cut out the slot.

Then take a couple of 1-inch screws and mount it to the underside of a shelf.

The slot allows you to slide your cordless tools in and keep them within reach when you need them.

Watch the video to see Joe demonstrate this Simple Solution.


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Make It! A Storage Solution for Cordless Tools


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