Lonzo Ball’s sampling of signature shoes across major basketball brands will continue on Sunday in the form of Jordan 31 sneakers.

But there is a plan behind all this madness.

On Saturday, LaVar Ball told ESPN that the goal was to show the major brands (Nike, Adidas, Under Armour) what they’re missing in the decision to pass on a licensing partnership with Big Baller Brand. As Lonzo wears different shoes, he’s generating unprecedented buzz around the Summer League. The hope is for companies to see this attention and return to the bargaining table with LaVar.

Lonzo essentially confirmed his father’s message in a pregame interview with ESPN on Sunday.

During the interview, Lonzo revealed that he was going to wear Jordan 31s. When asked if the goal was to start a bidding war, he answered, “Something like that.”

With the major brands’ decision to pass on Big Baller Brand, it now seems like LaVar focused in on the Summer League to enact this marketing strategy and put pressure on execs to reconsider making an offer to Lonzo.

The fact that Lonzo’s best games have been in the competing brands’ shoes almost plays into this plan. But will it work? We will find out in the coming months.

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