Police say the man who prompted the evacuation of a college campus in Phoenix on Tuesday has been placed in custody, and no one was hurt in the 3-hour negotiation.

The person, who was not identified, had been armed with a knife and locked inside a bathroom, police said. The campus near Metrocenter Mall includes DeVry University, Carrington College and the Chamberlain College of Nursing.

“It’s not yet clear how exactly this situation was resolved,” Phoenix Police Sgt. Vince Lewis said, “but it ended without incident.”

Officials were evaluating what charges might be recommended, if any.

The person’s behavior prior to the episode was described as erratic. Lewis said he entered the building and repeatedly asked for medical assistance and an ambulance.

Officers were attempting to guide the person to mental-health services, Lewis said.

Police on Tuesday morning were seen escorting students from classrooms. Other students were told to leave campus, and some said final exams would be affected.

“I want my students to know that they don’t have to be scared of this,” said Jean Ugarte, Carrington College instructor. “You’re in a safe environment, but we need to be vigilant about who gets in.” Ugarte said that every student, employee and faculty member has an identification badge that provides access to the building, and Tuesday’s incident is a reminder of the importance of such security measures.

Ugarte was in class teaching when the program director came in and said people were being escorted out of the building to the parking lot so they could leave without incident.

“About 30 minutes after class started, the program director came in and told us to be alert and to lock the doors,” Jason Luna, 21, a respiratory student at Carrington College, said. “Then about 20 minutes later we were being evacuated out of class and into the parking lot.”

Buses were brought in to give students a place to wait to re-enter class or for rides to pick them up.

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