LaVar Ball may not be doing much different these days as he loudly moves around the basketball universe.

It’s just much more visible.

On Friday in Las Vegas, he forced a female referee off the job for the day.

To be fair, it’s not exactly clear whether he was the coach looking out for his team or the bully flexing his considerable influence.

After being assessed a technical foul during an AAU tournament game, Ball, father of No. 2 overall draft pick Lonzo Ball, was having a bit of a tantrum and threatened to take his ball and go home.

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According to an ESPN story, LaVar’s cleverly titled team – Big Baller Brand – was already packing its bags and ready to walk.

The folks at have some video of the incident:

From ESPN:

After a long delay in which coaches from the two teams, along with representatives from Adidas and the referees, met on the court, the game resumed — with a different official.

“She’s got a vendetta,” Ball told ESPN after the game.

“She needs to stay in her lane because she ain’t ready for this,” he added.

He pointed to the official and yelled, “We need to get someone else in here.”

The referee declined comment on what happened.

Adidas, which runs the event, said it was their decision to replace the referee.

And then, perhaps proving LaVar’s power, the Adidas director of global basketball sports marketing, issued this vague explanation: “There was some miscommunication,” Chris Rivers said.

The people at followed up on Friday with video showing LaVar’s remarks after the game.

For better or worse, LaVar is a big baller whose 15 minutes isn’t going away soon.

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