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A Mohave County Sheriff’s Office said a K9 dog helped authorities find more than 70 pounds of marijuana hidden in a vehicle stopped on Interstate 40 near Kingman.

Sheriff’s deputies aided the Arizona Department of Public Safety on Sunday after a trooper made a traffic stop on the highway, the Sheriff’s Office said. The trooper became suspicious that the vehicle may have been ferrying drugs and called for assistance.

The Sheriff’s Office dispatched a K9 unit around 9 a.m., officials said.T he dog, named Chase, has been working with his handler since August 2017, the Sheriff’s Office website said.

Chase alerted on several areas of the vehicle, signaling the potential existence of drugs, the Sheriff’s Office said.

The vehicle was searched and, the Sheriff Office said, deputies and troopers found 41.5 lbs of marijuana, 1 pound of marijuana wax and eight plastic containers with approximately 3.5 grams of marijuana each.    

Department of Public Safety officials could not immediately provide details on any arrests made during the stop or other information.








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