An outpouring of impromptu tributes from residents continued Monday evening for Sen. John McCain outside the Phoenix mortuary where his body rests before being moved to lie in state at the Arizona State Capitol on Wednesday.

Merrily Caufmann, 69, whose first husband was killed in the Vietnam War, knelt in front of several flowers and flags placed in front of the A.L. Moore Grimshaw Mortuaries Bethany Chapel, 710 W. Bethany Home Road.

“He did a lot for us. He stood tall, he stood strong.” Caufman said. “I am very proud to be an American for all he went through, to be a POW, to keep fighting and coming out.”

Several veterans who trickled in and out, tipped their hats, said prayers, then stood silently as they gazed at the American flags that draped around the mortuary’s front lawn.

Karen Lang, 51, and her 11-year-old son watched from a distance.

“We just wanted to come and show our respects because he meant a lot for Arizona,” Lang said. “He represents Arizona … and I just remember his integrity.”

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Residents have shown up outside the mortuary ever since McCain’s body was brought there from his home in Cornville after he died Saturday. A voluntary honor guard has held watch around the clock. Vigils also have been held outside his Senate office at 201 E. Camelback Road.

On Sunday evening, the members of the Phoenix Vietnamese community held a vigil for McCain by his office. Vietnamese religious leaders said prayers for McCain while several candles were passed around to those in attendance.





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