In one of the most controversial and biggest upsets in years, upstart Jeff Horn defeated Manny Pacquiao by unanimous decision Saturday night to take the WBO welterweight title before a record crowd of more than 50,000 at Suncorp Stadium. The fight was televised by ESPN.

The “Battle of Brisbane” was a bloody battle at Suncorp Stadium as hometown fighter Horn (17-0-1, 11 KOs) took it to Pacquiao (59-7-2 38 KOs), the fighting senator from the Philippines.

The judges scored it 117-111, and 115-113 twice, all for Horn. While the decision was highly controversial — USA TODAY scored it 7 rounds to 4 for Pacquiao, nobody could take away anything from Horn, who fought his heart out.

Horn is a former school teacher who came up with a 10-point plan to defeat the 38-year-old Pacquiao, who made a reported $10 million for his night’s work. Horn, on the other hand, made $500,000. The fight, the first of Top Rank’s partnership with ESPN, will begin at 10 p.m. ET Saturday night. USA TODAY Sports will provide a round-by-round report of the fight. Here’s how the fight unfolded:

Round 1: Horn throws first punch, a left hook. Horn comes forward as Pac connects on a sharp left to the head. Horn missing with a few and they clinch. Horn comes out with a right uppercut. Left by Pac. Horn looking much bigger. Horn the aggressor. Exchange, both connect. Horn flurries to end the first. Have to give it to Horn.

Round 2: Horn misses with a right. Horn with an awkward style. Keepiong Pac a little confused. They tie up. Horn attacks and throws several rights. Pac with a right hook to the body. Quick counter left by Pac connects. Pac throws a right but Horn steals the round with a flurry at the end of the round. Horn up 2-0 in my book. 

Round 3: Both fighters throwing hard shots. Hard right to the head by Horn connects. They stay in the middle of the ring, Horn misses with a wild right. Horn bleeding on the outside of his right eye. Pac connects with a left to the jaw and Horn returns fire. A very close round. I give it to Pacquio. 2-1 Horn.

Round 4: Right and a left by Horn. More clinching. Pac slips punches and horn throws him down. Pac’s experience starting to show. Both come in with simultaneous body shots. Another shot to the body by Pac. Left jab by Horn connects. Pac connects with a left. Flurry by Pac scores as the bell rings. Pacquiao round. 2-2

Round 5: Horn comes forward, connects with a right, followed by a short left by Pac. Right by Horn to the head, but Pacquiao comes back with a left. . Another left by Pac. then slips a right hand in. Horn seems to be slowing down. A left hand shot by Pac scores. Flurry by Pacquiao, right and a left at the end of the round. Pac takes 3 rounds to 2 lead.

Round 6: Pac making Horn miss. Horn trying to fight on the inside but Pac slips out of it. A clash of heads results in a cut on the hairline of Pac. Blood flowing, dripping down his chest. Horn certainly not embarrassing himself. Left by Pac scores. More clinching. Horn flailing but not connecting, then he connects with a hard right. And a right to the body. A close round but I give it to Pac. 4-2.

Round 7: Horn leans in and misses with a right. Then connects with a right. Pac reaches and connects with a right. And another right. Another clash of heads and Pacquiao is bleeding profusely from the head. Doc checks him out and lets him continue. Horn smells blood and comes in with a flurry, some hard shots.  I give this round to Horn. Pac up 4-3.

Round 8: Pac has cuts on both sides of his head. Horn has a hard head. Horn clinches with Pac. Horn’s like a bull in a china shop. Counter left by Pac connects. Pac throws Horn down with a left. No knockdown. Horn comes forward and Pac throws a short left. Left by Pac connects to the body. Manny is in a fight. Horn has Pac’s blood smeared on his face. I give the round to Pac. He’s up 5-3.

Round 9: Horn comes right at Pac. Pac feints and throws a left, then a beautiful left to the jaw by Pac. Lefts by Pac connects. Left and a right by Pac. Pac comes on strong, Pac stalking and connecting with clean punch after clean punch. Horn ties up. Horn bleeding from the right eye. Left by Manny staggers Horn across the ring. Huge round for Pacquiao. Pac 6-3. Ref tells Horn he needs to show something or he’s going to stop the fight. 

Round 10: Pac countering beautiful. Horn comes back and connects on Pac’s head. Pac continues to potshot Horn. Horn right blocked by Pac. After being hurt in the 9th, Horn comes back strong. And I think he won the round. Pac 6-4 but probably won by 10-8 in the 9th.

Round 11: Straight left by Pac lands right on the button. Pac slips then lands a hard left on Horn’s jaw. Left uppercut by Pac, but he;s still having problems with Horn’s awkwardness. Right by Horn slips through. Pac slips and moves and feints. Have to give that round to Pac. Pac 7-4 but the rounds are mostly pretty close. 

Round 12: Key round. Pac takes a right from Horn. Another tape cut stoppage by referee Mark Nelson. Flurry by Pac. Counter right lands for Pac. Pac bleeding profusely. Both fighters in clinch but throwing. Horn throws big punches to end the round and the fight. Great fight. I give the 12th to Horn. And Pac takes a 7-5 advantage on my card. but knowing how judges score sometimes, it could be anyone’s fight. The Ninth round might have won it for Pacquiao. Both fighters a bloody mess. 


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