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By: Danny Lipford


Follow these steps to paint a rug design on concrete:

  1. Sketch out the design of the rug on paper. Remember that straight lines are much easier to recreate with painter’s tape.
  2. Lay out the outside dimensions on the concrete slab and mark the lines using a chalk line.
  3. Fill in the design using the tape to create the lines. Burnish the tape with a putty knife to ensure that it sticks well, especially along the edges. The areas covered by tape will be negative space that remain the color of the concrete.
  4. Apply the concrete paint. A light application with a roller will create minimal bleed through.
  5. Remove the tape before the paint dries completely. Because the outer perimeter of tape went down first, the inside tape will overlap it. That will allow you to pull up the inside tape along with the outside tape, if you position one person on each corner of the rug.

Watch the video for details.


How to Create a Painted Rug on Concrete


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