By: Thomas Boni

Checking In With Chelsea features a new DIY project, “How to Build Gates for a Wood Deck.”

“Today’s Homeowner” TV co-host Chelsea Lipford Wolf has two children who need protection from steep deck stairs.

Everyone knows how to childproof stairways and other dangerous areas inside the home. You simply add a baby gate, with metal, plastic, wood or fabric options.

But what about when you and your child are spending quality time on the deck?

If you’re like Chelsea and want it to perfectly match your deck, that’s a DIY job!

Read Chelsea’s latest blog, “How to Build Gates for a Wood Deck” for step-by-step instructions to this project!

Chelsea Lipford Wolf

Chelsea Lipford Wolf is a born-and-raised home enthusiast, adding her crafty skills and passion for DIY as co-host of the top-rated, nationally syndicated “Today’s Homeowner” TV show.
In addition, Chelsea maintains her own home lifestyle and décor blog and award-winning web-series, “Checking in with Chelsea.”

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How to Build Gates for a Wood Deck


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