Find out how to avoid heat-related illnesses with these six crucial tips.
Noah Lau, The Republic |

Watch out Phoenix, the rain is gone and the it-feels-like-an-oven heat is back.

High temperatures failed to reach above 103 degrees last week, but the heat is expected to creep back up to 110 degrees, according to the National Weather Service.

Phoenix’s high for Saturday is expected to reach 106 degrees, said Marvin Percha, a meteorologist for NWS Phoenix.

The temperature is expected to rise through the weekend, spiking to 110 degrees on Sunday and Monday. 

Phoenix-area residents may want to keep the air-conditioning blasting to avoid feeling like they’re melting on the pavement.

NWS Phoenix officials warned that the above-average temperatures over the next few days are a “high-heat risk,” so it is important to keep hydrated and stay indoors to prevent heat-related illnesses.

Reduced storm chances this week

With drier air moving in, Percha said storm chances are slim through the weekend.

“We’ll see a break in the monsoon through Monday,” he said.

Percha said any storm activity will be confined to higher terrain and parts of northern Arizona, with moisture not likely to return to the Phoenix area until early next week.

Following a 20-percent chance of rain on Tuesday, chances of a storm will remain below 10 percent through the rest of the week.

A strong monsoon storm is unlikely, Percha said.

As Arizona monsoon season continues through the end of September, Percha said low- to mid-grade monsoon activity is expected.

“It’s hard to say past next week,” Percha said of monsoon storm activity. “Maybe not quite as active as it’s been.”



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