On a quiet Tuesday in May, a few weeks after the fervor that surrounds the NFL draft died down, the league made an announcement that changed everything.

The NFL was relaxing one of its dumbest rules. Touchdown celebrations were back.

To say players have embraced this would be an understatement.

So with that in mind, it’s only fair to celebrate them and determine the best one more than halfway through the season.

Our foolproof rating system:

  • 10 points for creativity.
  • 10 points for star power.
  • 10 points for execution.

Simple as that. Let’s begin.

Lightsaber duel

The premise: Lions receivers Zay Jones and Andre Holmes reenact one of those lightsaber duels from those Disney movies they’re releasing every December for the rest of eternity.

Creativity: Honestly, just surprised it took nine weeks of games to get a Star Wars celebration. 7/10

Star power: Jones is a rookie who got a lot of hype all offseason, was plagued by drops early in the season and didn’t catch his first career touchdown until this one in Week 9. Andre Holmes has been on three teams in six years. 3/10

Execution: Offensive lineman Jordan Mills clearly didn’t know what was going on, getting in the way at the beginning and ruining a truly terrifying Force choke at the end. Jones and Holmes played it up pretty well, though. 8/10

Total: 18/30

Eagles play baseball

The premise: The Eagles pretended they were playing baseball following touchdowns in two different games, so I’m counting this as one and averaging it out. In the first, receiver Torrey Smith hits a home run. In the second, tight end Zach Ertz pretends to beam receiver Alshon Jeffrey. Jeffrey charges the mound.

Creativity: The home run gets a 5/10.

The hit-by-pitch and mound-charge is one of baseball’s hidden treasures, so that gets an 8/10.

Star power: Smith, the star of the first celebration, hasn’t been good for a few years and this touchdown was his lone score of the season. Nelson Agholor and Jeffrey serve as the sacrificial pitcher and catcher, respectively. MVP frontrunner Carson Wentz’s only involvement was as a home-plate ump who didn’t need to make a call. 5/10 

As for the second, Ertz has been the second-best tight end this season, sandwiched in between Travis Kelce and Rob Gronkowski. Jeffrey’s getting better as the season progresses. 7/10

Execution: Smith seemed to think they were taking a picture before remembering the home run celebration. 4.5/10 

The HBP is spot-on, even if Ertz runs away. 9/10

Average total: 19.25/30

Duck Duck Goose

The premise: A lot of Vikings players play the classic schoolyard game “Duck Duck Goose.” Also apparently in Minnesota, it’s “Duck Duck Gray Duck”?

Creativity: I’m going to pretend one of the players’ kids gave them this idea. 8/10

Star power: Kyle Rudolph. Case Keenum. Blake Bell. Latavius Murray. Joe Berger. Pat Elflein. Riley Rieff. Stefon Diggs. Adam Thielen. Sure, the latter two are productive fantasy players, but could you pick any of those dudes out of a lineup? Didn’t think so. 4/10

Execution: Keenum’s a little on the outside of this circle, but he wanted in and there wasn’t much time. Otherwise, flawless. 9.5/10

Total: 21.5/30

Bobsled time

The premise: Packers receivers Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb and Davante Adams jump in, ride and jump out of an imaginary bobsled.

Creativity: Some team was bound to do this routine. The Packers get bonus points for making a T-shirt to commemorate the celebration. 7/10

Star power: One of the league’s best receiving trios – when Aaron Rodgers is healthy. He was for this Week 5 matchup. 10/10

Execution: Nelson never really jumps out at the end. Plus, without a fourth man, this bobsled doesn’t live up to Olympic code. 7/10

Total: 24/30

Hide and seek

The premise: Steelers receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster and running back Le’Veon Bell play hide and seek.

Creativity: These points all stem from them actually coming up with somewhere in an end zone for Bell to realistically “hide.” 7.5/10

Star power: Bell is a top-two running back in the league. Smith-Schuster’s not only an emerging offensive threat for the Steelers, he’s also already one of the best social-media follows on just about every platform (Follow @juju or just search #TeamFindJujusBike for all you need to know about that). 10/10

Execution: Nailed it. They also charmed the socks off the game’s announcers. 10/10

Total: 27.5/30

Potato sack race

The premise: Chiefs stars Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill, along with someone named Demarcus Robinson, mime a potato sack race without the potato sacks.

Creativity: Very creative. Can’t say I saw this one coming. 10/10

Star power: Kelce is the league’s best dancing tight end – and not too bad of a receiving one either. Did you see Hill’s checkdown Hail Mary last week?? 10/10

Execution: The only flaw: Kelce mistimes the start of the race. And yet, he still wins. That’s some true perseverance right there. 9/10

Total: 29/30

Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em

The premise: Lions receiver Golden Tate and running back Ameer Abdullah appear to control a boxing match between Marvin Jones and Eric Ebron. When it happened, Twitter (and I) thought it was Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em robots. The Lions players said they were just pretending to play video games, though.

Creativity: I’m pretending they meant to do Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em robots, I don’t even care. 12/10

Star power: Outside of Matthew Stafford, these are the Lions’ stars. They don’t have much more to work with. 7.5/10

Execution: I watched this live and shed a single tear at its beauty. 10/10

Total: 29.5/30

Honorable mention

This wasn’t a touchdown celebration, but if you haven’t traveled down the rabbit hole that is #JetsDanceToAnything, let us get you started.