A 29-year-old medical student from Glendale was arrested Wednesday evening on suspicion of threatening students, students’ families and their campus, officials said.

On April 21, the dean of an unidentified university told Glendale police that medical student Mona Asadi threatened to bomb the campus.

About two months later, on June 9, police said hundreds of students received a mass email that named specific people the author of the email wanted to kill. 

Several emails were also sent in groups threatening death and involved families of students, according to Glendale police.

Asadi was linked to email addresses, social media accounts and electronic devices that were involved in sending threatening messages to victims, police said. 

Four victims were identified during the investigation, in which the FBI Phoenix field office assisted, police said.

Police arrested Asadi on Wednesday on suspicion of four felony charges of computer tampering by using a computer in a course of conduct that threatened, terrorized and/or tormented specific people, according to Glendale police. 

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