Conor McGregor has stood steadfast in trashing Floyd Mayweather’s attire during their press tour, but the reason for his choice of clothing should be pretty obvious.

Conor McGregor was criticized for what many felt were racially insensitive remarks during the first three stops of the world tour to promote the Aug. 26 fight. 

It was Floyd Mayweather, McGregor’s opponent, who swung square into offensive territory as the four-stop worldwide tour to promote their bout concluded at SSE Arena at Wembley Stadium in London on Friday. Mayweather used an anti-gay slur during a rant against McGregor, UFC’s lightweight champ. 

McGregor, for his part, used the term “juice head monkey” directed at Mayweather’s bodyguards. 

The slur was quickly condemned by by LGBT activists in the sports community.   

“The (expletive) is now over,” McGregor said at the end of his remarks. “Six weeks, I’m going to sleep this (expletive) and bounce his head off the canvas.”


The crowd turned once Mayweather took over. 

“Sit down, shut up,” the crowd chanted.  

Mayweather, however, wasn’t thrown off his game. 

“We are some smart Americans,” Mayweather said as he leaned in toward UFC President Dana White. “You are right here, running with a quitter, but I forgot. You’re a pimp.”

The slur came in the final few minutes of his remarks. 

The world tour to promote to the bout began in Los Angeles on Tuesday and included stops in Toronto (Wednesday) and New York (Thursday).  


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