A 46-year-old bicyclist’s death has left many of his closest family members shocked and struggling to move forward without him. 

They say they’re finding solace in remembering Shedrick Galloway’s sense of humor, love of cooking and a big heart. 

Galloway was struck and killed by a Valley Metro bus while riding his bike in Mesa on Wednesday.

He was riding against traffic in the bike lane and was hit when he veered in front of a bus, according to police.


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’10 minutes sooner’

Amy Gilson, Galloway’s ex-wife and friend, was on her way to pick up Galloway after he called and said he wasn’t feeling well. 

She passed the scene where the Valley Metro bus was stopped but did not see the bicycle at first, she said.

Soon after, she received a call from a hospital employee, who told her to pull over.

Gilson could see the bus in her rearview mirror as the employee told her Galloway had died.

“I flipping lost it,” she said. “It was very traumatizing to see it in the rearview mirror as they’re telling you.”

Gilson said things could have turned out differently if she could have been there 10 minutes sooner. She said she wished Galloway would’ve waited.

Gilson drove her daughter to the hospital, where the teenager was able to see her father for a brief moment though he had already died.

Taitum Galloway, 17, said she will always remember her father’s big heart and sense of humor.

A family man

Shedrick Galloway had three other adult children, according to Gilson.

Miletta Lewis, Galloway’s mother, called Galloway a good father, a good person and a good child.

Lewis said Galloway was named after Shedd’s Peanut Butter company in Kentucky. His grandmother came up with the name.

Lewis had seen her son a couple nights before his death. She said she remains in shock about what she said sounded like an unfortunate accident. 

“Everything was so blurry at that point,” she said of hearing the news from Gilson.

Lewis said she must “deal with this and move on” to “honor (Galloway’s) life and celebrate his life.”

A GoFundMe account has been set up to help the family cover funeral expenses.


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