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Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander said all the right things after he had a perfect game broken up by a bunt in the sixth inning against Seattle on Wednesday.

Me? I’d have gone all the way off.

I would have called Jarrod Dyson a jerk in so many ways that he’d be as impressed as he was insulted. But it would have nothing to do with “unwritten rules.”

Baseball’s sacred code of conduct is as outdated as a video store.

Just a few off the top of my head:

  • You can’t moonwalk around the bases after a smacking a homer.
  • Don’t steal a base with a big lead.
  • Media can’t talk to a pitcher ahead of a start.
  • Don’t bunt if a pitcher has a perfect game going.

Wait, what?


Since when is it appropriate to lay down in the middle of a competition to make things easier for opponents?

Verlander acknowledged that the bunt is a part of Dyson’s game and said he wasn’t upset. This is the correct position to take.

Now, me? If I were Verlander, I’d have called Dyson out for not being able to hit. I would have said that guys like him better bunt because they have no chance to hit my stuff, especially when I’m rolling.

Of course, Dyson would have had the ultimate comeback: Scoreboard.

The Mariners won 7-5 Wednesday night, triggered by Dyson’s bunt single.