Nearly one month after 21-year-old Taylorlyn Nelson was reported missing in Phoenix, newly released court documents suggest a disturbing chain of events that end with Nelson’s boyfriend dumping her body in Lake Pleasant.

Nearly one month after 21-year-old Taylorlyn Nelson was reported missing in Phoenix, newly released court documents suggest a disturbing chain of events that end with Nelson’s boyfriend dumping her body in Lake Pleasant.

Nelson was first reported missing by her mother, Natalie Nelson, on March 14, who told police that the family was concerned for her safety after not hearing from her for three days.

Court documents allege that her boyfriend, Kodi Bowe, 27, his brother Maxx Bowe, 25, and Kerrie Quaintance, 51, used this time to transport Nelson’s body from a Phoenix mobile-home park to Lake Pleasant, where they used Quaintance’s paddle boat to dump her body into the lake.

Kodi Bowe has been arrested on suspicion of first-degree murder, with his brother and Quaintance arrested on suspicion of hindering prosecution, Phoenix police said.

According to court documents, the fatal chain of events began on March 11, when police believe Kodi Bowe struck Ryan Gage, one of Nelson’s friends, in the back of the head with a handgun after he did “an errand for her.”

The attack was “unprovoked,” according to court documents, and resulted in two lacerations to Gage’s head.

In the hours after the early-morning attack, court documents allege that Nelson and Kodi Bowe argued, and their fight ended only when Kodi Bowe fatally shot Nelson.

In an interview with investigators, Quaintance said she and the Bowe brothers drove to Lake Pleasant around dawn on March 12 to go fishing, using her blue Ford Mustang and Maxx’s black pickup truck to transport her paddleboat.

But a woman told police that all three texted her on the morning of March 12 with similarly eerie text messages: “911 please help me now”; “Tammy its Maxx call me ASAP”; “Its Kerrie call me 911911 please please911.”

Phone records showed both Kodi Bowe and Nelson’s cellphones pinged a cell tower around 5 a.m. on March 12 at Interstate 17 and Carefree Highway, about 20 miles southeast of Lake Pleasant.

Both phones turned off after that, according to court documents. Kodi Bowe’s phone was turned on and located  approximately 10 hours later, but Nelson’s was not.

Investigators: Incriminating statements made in aftermath

When the same woman stopped by Quaintance’s home on March 13, she told police she saw a paddle boat leaning up against Maxx’s black pickup truck and overheard the group “discussing and agreeing on how hard it was to get Taylorlyn’s body in the paddle boat at Lake Pleasant,” court documents said.

According to court documents, that same day Kodi Bowe told the woman he “had killed Taylorlyn by shooting her” in the Phoenix trailer in which the couple lived.

Another person told police that Quaintance told him after Kodi Bowe “shot and killed” Nelson, Quaintance “went to the trailer and saw Taylorlyn deceased with a towel wrapped around her head,” court documents said.

The same person said Kodi and Maxx Bowe and Quaintance then “placed Taylorlyn in a sleeping bag and attached her body to the bottom of Quaintance’s paddle boat” before paddling her out to an “unknown location” and “releasing (her) body into the lake,” court documents said.

Search of trailer home uncovers blood, shell casing

Police conducted a search of Nelson and Kodi Bowe’s trailer home on March 22, and court documents said investigators found blood “along the outside of the front door, as well as above the front door and a possible bullet hole in the security door.”

The blood, according to court documents, had the same DNA profile as a child belonging to Natalie Nelson, Taylorlyn’s mom.

A 9 mm shell casing also was found in a clothing hamper in the trailer, court documents said.

Kodi Bowe was arrested on March 22 on suspicion of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He has since been charged with first-degree murder, abandoning or concealing body parts and tampering with physical evidence.

Maxx Bowe was arrested on suspicion of hindering prosecution, while Quaintance was arrested on suspicion of hindering prosecution and abandonment or concealment of a dead body, police said.

Nelson’s body has not yet been located. The investigation was continuing, police said.


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