Three Texas men carrying marijuana in containers with children’s cereal-like names such as “Chronic Toast Crunch,” “Frooty Loopys” and “Cap’n Munch” were caught in northern Arizona, officials said. 

Demitrio Uriostegui, 22; Gerardo Lopez, 25; and Julian Camacho-Soto, 27, were driving on Interstate 40 in Ash Fork on Aug. 9 when a Yavapai County Sheriff’s K9 deputy pulled over their vehicle, the Sheriff’s Office said.

While speaking with Uriostegui, the driver, the deputy detected a strong odor of marijuana from the car, a Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office news release said.

The deputy searched further and found a white cooler containing a large amount of marijuana disguised as cereal as well as other THC-based products, the news release said. The three men each admitted the items belonged to them, officials said.

Camacho-Soto was arrested on suspicion of possessing illegal marijuana, paraphernalia and narcotic drugs, according to the release.

Uriostegui and Lopez were issued criminal citations for illegal possession of marijuana and paraphernalia, the release said. Camacho-Soto remained in custody Monday on a $10,000 bond, the release said.


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