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Academic All-Star of the Week

Alexis Mee

School: Chandler

Class: Senior

Sport: Tennis

Has a 4.5 GPA … No. 6 in varsity tennis team … Third year in tennis … Won all three of her first matches of the season … Badminton team captain No. 1 varsity … Awarded Division and Section Player of the Year by the AIA her sophomore year … Plays the flute in band … National Hispanic Scholar … Student Council, Ping Pong Club and National Honor Society member … “I definitely go to bed each day tired, but a good, accomplished tired,” she said … Part of Students Supporting Brain Tumor Research … IB course candidate … Ranks 34 out of 674 in her senior class … Volunteer teacher for a badminton class at Arizona Badminton Center … Volunteers at Chandler Post Acute and Rehabilitation Center and with the State Music Festival … “She is very upbeat and happy,” coach Abe Olivas said … “But she made varsity because she persevered.”

Male Athlete of the Week presented by La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries

Eddie McClendon

School: Mesa

Class: Sophomore

Sport: Track and field

Has a 3.5 GPA … High jumps and runs 4×400-meter relay … First year on track … Plays wide receiver and defensive back in football … Power forward in basketball … “I love the tradition at Mesa,” he said. “Bottom line is I love competing.” … Playing basketball and football since he was 6 years old … Hopes to reach 6 feet, 3 inches in high jump … Wants to work on speed and flexibility to improve his athleticism … Coach David Brockmeier was impressed by his courage and heart to play all three sports … “The main thing is that he realizes that changing up keeps you from getting stale,” Brockmeier said.

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Female Athlete of the Week presented by La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries

Calee Cortes

School: Surprise Imagine Prep

Class: Senior

Sport: Softball

Has a 3.9 GPA … Center field … Also a basketball forward … Plays volleyball … Started playing all three sports in high school … Made Canyon Athletic Association’s All-State Top 10 for Division II in basketball this season … Finished basketball season with 11.6 rebounds, 17.4 points, five steals and 1.3 blocks per game … “I’m always a little nervous to do whatever I’m going to do,” she said. “But you’re just trying to win in the end.” … Plays all three sports with her younger sister … Committed to play basketball at NAU … “She never seems to be satisfied with being mediocre,” basketball and softball coach James Mould said. “She feels like she never does things enough.”