They’ve been in business for more than half a century with a client list that includes the Arizona Lottery, the Arizona Cardinals, the Arizona Super Bowl Committee, Harkins Theatres and Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery.

But the success of LaneTerralever, an integrated marketing agency, can be traced to their attention to detail when they won their first national account during the late 1960s.

E. B. Lane & Associates, as the company was known before it merged with Tempe digital marketing firm Terralever in 2014, was competing in a David vs. Goliath battle against a large national advertising agency for the Rodeway Inn account. E. B. Lane was told they were selected because the other firm misspelled the client’s business as “Roadway Inn.”  

“I’ve heard my dad (Ed Lane) tell that story forever, and I always wondered how accurate it was,” Beau Lane, the founder’s son and company CEO, says. “Years later, I’m standing in line with my son at St. Thomas grade school wearing a name tag. An older gentleman, who was the attorney for Rodeway Inn, asked if my father was Ed Lane and then said he had a funny story about how our agency got their account. It was the same story verbatim.” 

Ed Lane founded E.B. Lane & Associates in Phoenix in 1962. Four years earlier, Ed Lane had stopped to visit his brother in Phoenix while traveling to San Francisco to look for work as an ad man. “Driving an MG convertible from the Midwest in winter, Ed thought he was in paradise,” Beau Lane says.

Ed Lane interviewed with the four advertising agencies in Phoenix at the time, and he received three job offers. He stayed in Phoenix, working for several agencies until his life changed in a big way after a new employee came onboard. “My father hired my mom as a receptionist, and six weeks later married her,” Beau Lane says. “After I was born in 1962, they decided to start their own agency.”

Getting business was initially challenging for the new firm, which was located in an office on Grand Avenue near Downtown Phoenix. They finally got a break when Motorola, then the largest employer in Arizona, gave them a contract in 1962. It was quite a coup for the small agency to get such a big client, but it came with a catch.

“They gave us all the extra work they couldn’t finish in-house on Friday afternoon,” Beau Lane says. “My father and his team had to work all weekend and submit it to Motorola on Monday morning. It shows we’ve always been customer-service oriented and will go to great lengths to keep our clients happy.”

Beau Lane joined the firm in 1989 after graduating from the University of Denver and gaining experience at a variety of marketing jobs in Colorado. He worked with his dad for six years before Ed Lane retired to Hawaii.

“I was 30 years old,” Beau Lane says.  “A lot of people I know in family businesses have the first generation hold on far too long. I feel fortunate to have built the firm on my own. There was a great foundation, but I was able to do it my way.”

One item that Beau Lane didn’t change from his father’s playbook is where he found his mate. “I met my wife at the agency too,” he says. “She was my father’s assistant, and we’ve been married 30 years.”

Douglas C. Towne is the editor of Arizona Contractor & Community magazine,


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