A 19-month-old boy was found unconscious after ingesting several narcotics while his mother and her boyfriend were both asleep in their Phoenix home last Sunday morning, according to Maricopa County court records.

Estella Hernandez, 26, the mother, and Rafael Kagan, 25, were arrested on child-abuse charges, court documents said.

Paramedics transported the child to Phoenix Children’s Hospital from the home near Seventh Street and Indian School Road.

While Phoenix police were investigating the scene, they found several pills near the couple’s bed and a glass pipe commonly used to smoke methamphetamine, the records said.

Hospital officials told police the child tested positive for fetanyl, methamphetamine, oxycodone and other opiates, the court records said.

Hospital officials also observed bruising, abrasions, and scars from possible burns on the child, who “must have ingested a decent quantity of opiates to be as lethargic as he was,” documents state.

Hernandez later told investigators that she is a frequent user of methamphetamines and heroin and may have forgotten to put one of her pills away after a drug transaction, records say. She also told investigators the child was burned while she attempted to take a torch away from Kagan.

According to court documents, Kagan said “he was probably high last night and fell asleep,” before “he woke up to Estella being frantic saying the child was not responsive.”

Officials searched their residence and found an extensive amount of drugs, drug paraphernalia, money and a scale, records state.

Hernandez and Kagan are facing several charges, including child abuse and drug possession.


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