If you’re looking for a good deal, we’re here to help.

Amazon Prime Day is here, and while you’re waiting for the notification that your must-have blender is available, you’ve gotta keep yourself entertained.

Prepare for a sleepless night in which you’ll channel a mixture of the bratty Veruca Salt and Nicholas Cage trying to steal the Declaration of Independence. 

If the night could be told in GIFs, it would look pretty similar to this.

What you tell your roommate, your kids or your significant other before embarking on this challenge:

You’re finally alone. You’ve had plenty of caffeine and it’s mere minutes away from the sale:

Being tempted by an item you didn’t realize you wanted:

Getting notified your must-have purchase has become available:

Knowing there’s an awful lot of people interested in the same thing:

Losing out on limited-quantity items:

But you’ve gotta carry on:

Seeing some questionable merchandise:

But finding the odd gems you may encounter. It’s $9.99. Hit that purchase button, baby!

Submitting your payment information and waiting for the order to be confirmed:

It’s late. You’re tired. But still hopped up on the caffeine you had earlier this evening:

The next morning, you look at your inbox and see the bill. If anyone asks about it, stay mum:

But, at the end Amazon Prime Day, you still feel accomplished:


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