The summer solstice is when the sun reaches its highest point in the sky, resulting in the most hours of sunlight. Did we mention the 119 temp?

It appears that some relief is on the way. That is if you can call a high of 113 relief. 

But we’ll take it since this week in Phoenix has seen three consecutive days of record highs. Remember that time we almost hit 120. Close call. 

Looks the Valley is scheduled to stay below 115 degrees for the rest of the week, according to the National Weather Service. 

The low temperature for Thursday morning was 91 degrees, which sets a record for the highest minimum temperature for the date.

The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality has issued a warning that Friday’s Ozone Pollution will be above acceptable levels.

This High Pollution Advisory means the ozone levels are expected to exceed the federal health standard for ozone.

Those most affected by ozone include children, senior citizens, people who work outside and people with respiratory diseases.

ADEQ offers several ways to help reduce ozone pollution:

  • Drive as little as possible, carpool or use public transit.
  • Fuel your vehicle after dark.
  • Avoid long drive-through lines.
  • Make sure household cleaners are properly sealed in their containers.


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