A Phoenix woman was arrested on suspicion of leaving her 3-month-old child locked in a vehicle in a Fry’s grocery store parking lot in Glendale as temperatures soared to 114 degrees, police said. 

The mother of the child, 27-year-old Jessica Marie Umtuch, claimed to officers that she forgot the female child in the backseat because she was quietly sleeping, the police report said. 

The incident occurred July 12 when officers were dispatched to a Fry’s Food Store, at 4353 W. Bethany Home Road, on reports that an infant was in a vehicle in the parking lot.

The officers found a non-running vehicle with a 3-month-old in the back seat and no guardian around. The windows were rolled up on the vehicle. 

It was 114 degrees outside at the time of the incident and according to video surveillance footage, the mother was gone for about 16 minutes before police arrived, the police report said.

Officers broke the front window of the vehicle to get the child out. The Fire Department determined the child had no apparent injuries. 

Umtuch exited the Fry’s store when she heard the make and model of the vehicle announced over the intercom. She admitted to only realizing the child was missing when an employee in the store announced the child was locked inside, the police report said.

She claimed that she knew she had to go to the store to get a lot of items and intentionally wanted to leave her baby at home due to the heat, but her boyfriend, who she had been arguing with for a few days, asked her to go to the bar which upset her more, the report stated.

Umtuch said her mind was in a different place due to being frustrated, but this wasn’t normally like her and she was just distracted, the police report said. 

Umtuch is facing possible charges of endangerment of a minor and child abuse. 

A preliminary hearing for Umtuch has been scheduled for Aug. 2.

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