Security-camera video posted Wednesday shows the street brawl in which a recent University of Arizona graduate visiting Greece was killed. 

Bakari Henderson’s family said he had traveled to the popular island of Zakynthos to do a photo shoot for his new clothing line. 

He was involved in a fight near a bar early Friday.


The video shows Henderson, 22, running in the street before a group of men grab him, push him against the car and then to the ground behind a parked car, where the men begin kicking and punching him. 

The fight begins around the 21-second mark in the video posted by Greek newspaper Proto Thema. By the 42-second mark, the group has backed away from Henderson, who is lying motionless.

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A crowd stands nearby for a few minutes before Henderson is taken away. 

The friends who were in Greece with him told ABC News that the attackers were “looking for a fight” and punched Henderson first.

ABC News reported that a coroner told them Henderson suffered severe head injuries and that there appeared to be no defensive wounds on his body. 

9 men charged with homicide

The Associated Press reported that five of the nine men suspected in Henderson’s beating death have been jailed pending trial on murder charges.

One Greek, seven Serbs and one British citizen of Serb origin have been charged with intentional homicide.

Five of the suspects, ranging in age from 18 to 34, testified Wednesday. They are expected to be moved from police holding cells to prison by the end of the week.

GoFundMe to cover the cost of the funeral and bringing Henderson’s body home has raised more than $56,000. A separate GoFundMe to cover, in part, “the engagement of legal counsel in Greece,” raised another $24,000.

Celebration of life services are scheduled for this weekend in Austin, according to the latter fundraiser. 

The Associated Press contributed to this article. 

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