Adelyn Troutman receives her 22nd blood transfusion at Phoenix Children’s Hospital on May 30, 2017. Her parents say they are grateful for blood donors who make it possible for Adelyn to receive monthly transfusions. Nick Oza/

The need for blood donations doesn’t take a vacation, even for the youngest of patients. 

Adelyn Troutman, 18 months old, was born with Diamond Blackfan Anemia, a genetic disorder that prevents her body from making red blood cells.

Every month, she undergoes blood transfusions at the Phoenix Children’s Hospital, a process that could continue as long as she lives.

The transfusion procedure can take up to eight hours. Adelyn’s mother, Kami Troutman, is there every step of the way.

“We’re just very very grateful to all the blood donors,” she said. “It’s keeping our daughter alive.”


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Sue Thew, spokeswoman for United Blood Services, said the donated blood supply drops dramatically during holidays and the summer.

According to Thew, the largest donor group is teens because of the blood drives hosted by schools.

During the school year, 22,000 blood donations come from high-school blood drives, but the donations tend to stop when school does, she said.

The rewards of donating

In one effort to increase blood donations this summer, Valley Volkswagen dealers have partnered with United Blood Services and donated a car, a 2017 Passat R-Line, valued at $25,000.

Anyone who gives blood between June 1 and Aug. 31 will be entered to win the car.

Pizza Hut also is rewarding blood donors though June 2 with a voucher for a free family-style cookie that feeds up to eight people. 

“But of course the biggest prize of all is when you see someone like Adelyn and know that a blood donation has gone to save someone like her,” Thew said.

Kami Troutman said she and her husband, Matthew, thank donors and emphasize the importance of donating blood.

“Lots of kids and adults out there need it on a daily basis, weekly basis, depending on the patient’s needs and condition,” Kami Troutman said.

Anyone interested in donating blood can make an appointment on or call 877-UBS-HERO (827-4376).

The most-needed blood type is the universal donor, O negative.

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