After being saved from an illegal meat trade in Thailand last year, a Valley foster dog is looking for a forever home.
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Danica would be perfect for an active household.

A dog fostered in the Valley, after being saved from an illegal meat trade in Thailand last year, is looking for a forever home. 

Wendy Wiedekamp has been fostering Danica — a 5-year-old, 40-pound terrier mix — since she arrived in Phoenix in November, after being rescued from a truck carrying dozens of poached dogs in northern Thailand. 

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Eating and trading dog meat is illegal in Thailand, but poachers smuggle dogs, like Danica, to slaughter houses, the Hope Emergency Animal Rescue said in November.

A place to call home

Wiedekamp said she had planned to adopt the pup herself, but Danica and her pug don’t get along.

“I promised my other dogs that they wouldn’t get displaced by the fosters,” Wiedekamp said. “I love her so much, and it just breaks my heart, but I think it’s best for everybody.”

Wiedekamp said Danica gets along perfectly with her Labrador retriever, as well as other kids in the neighborhood.

Danica might intimidate smaller dogs and some cats, Wiedekamp added.

Danica is perfect for an active family because she loves exploring new things.

“She goes hiking with me, she’ll go rollerblading with me, I can take her on my bicycle,” Wiedekamp said. “She’s really active.”

The rescue

Danica and a yellow Labrador mix, named Bridget, were rescued from the truck early in 2016 after volunteers with the Soi Dog Foundation — a group dedicated to helping neglected dogs and cats in Asia — tipped off authorities about the illegal trade.

An partnership between the Soi Dog Foundation and the Hope Emergency Animal Rescue in Phoenix led the dogs to finding temporary homes across the Valley.

Wiedekamp said a Republic article about the dogs inspired her to volunteer her time to take care of Danica.

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Even though Danica has had has a tough background, Wiedekamp said you’d never know it by looking at her.

“She’s just so happy, and it’s just amazing,” Wiedekamp said. “She’s really bounced back from all of that.”

Anyone interested in adopting Danica can contact Dee Kotinas, president of the Hope Emergency Animal Rescue, at [email protected].


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