The 2017 NBA draft lottery will be held on Tuesday, May 16.

Where could the Suns be picking?

With that lottery approaching, the Heat Index decided to take a look at Phoenix’s (as well as other teams’) odds at getting the No. 1 overall pick in the June 22 NBA draft (odds through April 11 games).

The Suns finished their season with the second worst record in the league, so they have the second-best odds in the NBA draft lottery.

The Lakers are locked in at the third-best odds.

Take a look at the odds of where each team could end up picking in the draft now. Percentages courtesy of

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Top 5 draft lottery odds:

The Nets (20-61) currently have the worst record in the NBA (but the Celtics will get their pick). They have a 25 percent chance at the No. 1 overall pick, a 21.5 percent chance at No. 2, a 17.7 percent chance at No. 3 and a 35.8 percent chance at No. 4.

The Suns (24-58), who have the second-worst mark in the NBA, have a 19.9 percent chance at No. 1, an 18.8 percent chance at No. 2, a 17.1 percent chance at No. 3, a 31.9 percent chance at No. 4, and a 12.4 percent chance at the No. 5 pick in the draft.

The Lakers (26-55) have the third-worst record in the league. They have a 15.6 percent chance of landing the top pick in the lottery, a 15.7 percent chance at No. 2, a 15.6 percent chance at No. 3. Their pick is top-3 protected. If it falls to No. 4 (22.5 percent chance) or No. 5 (26.5 percent chance) or No. 6 (4.1 percent) it goes to the 76ers.

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The 76ers and Magic have the fourth-worst record in the league (28-53).

Philadelphia an 10.4 percent chance at the No. 1 pick, an 11.2 percent chance at No. 2, a 12.1 percent chance at No. 3, a 9.9 percent chance at No. 4, a 37.3 percent chance at No. 5, a 17.8 percent chance at No. 6 and a 1.4 percent chance at No. 7.

Orlando has a 10.3 percent chance at the top pick, an 11.1 percent chance at the second pick, a 12 percent chance at the third pick, a 23.8 percent chance at the fifth pick, a 34.2 percent chance at the sixth pick, an 8.2 percent chance at the seventh pick and a 0.4 percent chance at the eighth pick.

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Others currently in lottery:

Nine other teams are currently in the NBA draft lottery (based on records entering April 12).

Their odds for the No. 1 overall pick (and most likely pick):

The Knicks (30-51) have a 6.3 percent chance at the top pick. They have a 44 percent chance of landing the No. 6 pick.

The Timberwolves (31-50) have a 3.6 percent chance at the No. 1 selection. They have a 60 percent chance at No. 7.

The Mavericks (32-49) have a 2.3 percent chance of landing the No. 1 pick. Dallas has a 72.5 percent chance of getting No. 8.

The Kings (32-49) have a 2.2 percent chance of getting the No. 1 pick and an 79.7 percent chance of landing the No. 9 pick.

The Pelicans (33-48) have a 1.1 percent chance at No. 1 and an 87 percent chance at No. 10 (which would go to the Kings).

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The Hornets, Pistons, Nuggets and Heat currently round out the teams in the NBA draft lottery.

Charlotte (36-46) has a 0.8 percent chance at the top pick and a 90.7 percent chance at No. 11.

Detroit (37-44) has a 0.7 percent chance of landing the top pick and a 93.5 percent chance of getting the No. 12 pick.

Denver (39-42) has a 0.6 percent chance at No. 1 and a 96 percent chance at No. 13.

Miami (40-41) has a 0.5 percent chance at No. 1 and a 98.2 percent percent chance at No. 13.

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