Chandler Hamilton will play the 2017 football season without head coach Steve Belles, who has been placed on home reassignment by the school during a police and school district investigation into hazings that led to arrests.

The Chandler Unified School District sent a release on Thursday, stating that Dick Baniszewski, who has been serving as interim head coach during spring practices, will continue as Hamilton’s head coach for the upcoming season.

From the release

“Steve Belles has been offered a contract to continue to teach during the 2017-2018 school year. This decision is not disciplinary in nature. With Chandler Police and Chandler Unified investigations continuing, there is a strong desire by the school and the district to continue the program under the leadership of Baniszewski for the 2017 season.”

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The release also stated that┬áHamilton’s coaching staff was notified of the decision Thursday afternoon and that players were informed at 2:30, when Thursday’s spring football practice started.

Reaction from Belles

Belles, through a text message, confirmed that he will continue teaching at Hamilton.

When asked about Baniszewski, Belles texted: “I think Dick will do a great job this year for the Huskies and I’ll be pulling for them.”

Asked if there is a chance that Belles could resume his head coaching duties at Hamilton in 2018, he texted, “That’s what I’m hearing. But I’m just gonna keep my options open for right now.”