• Monsoon facts and figures

    Monsoon facts and figures

  • How to prepare for Arizona's monsoon

    How to prepare for Arizona’s monsoon

  • Tips for driving in monsoon storms

    Tips for driving in monsoon storms

  • How to prepare your home for monsoon storms

    How to prepare your home for monsoon storms

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    Capturing Arizona storms

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    4 deadly emergencies and how to survive them

The National Weather Service says there’s a chance for rain in the Valley over the next two days.

If you live in the West Valley, you probably received some light rain overnight. The “trace amounts” weren’t enough to be picked up on rain gauges, said NWS meteorologist Jessica Nolte, except for areas west of Buckeye and near Tonopah, where about half an inch fell early Monday.

For much of Monday, expect a 10- to 15-percent chance for some light and scattered showers, with chances increasing to 20 percent after 5 p.m., Nolte said.

Slight chances for showers in the Phoenix area will continue Tuesday, vanish Wednesday and return Thursday.

Rain is most likely on Saturday and Sunday, when there’s about a 30-percent chance, Nolte said.

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Any moisture won’t have much of a cooling effect. Near-normal temperatures are expected this week, with highs of about 108 or 109 throughout, Nolte said.

“Thunderstorms will be possible over the higher terrain and parts of the lower deserts of south-central and southwest Arizona each day,” Nolte said.

She also said blowing dust and strong winds will accompany any thunderstorms that roll in.


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