Public safety officials pursued a truck stolen from a Goodyear car dealership down Interstate 10 to nearly Casa Grande on Friday before arresting the thief. Interstate 10 was briefly shut down in both directions but is now re-opened.

The incident began just after 8 a.m., according to the Arizona Department of Public Safety, after a truck was reported stolen from a dealership. It ended on Interstate 10 eastbound near Riggs Road.

“The suspect walked into a dealership and held the receptionist at gunpoint, at which point he was demanding the keys to a vehicle,” Quentin Mehr, spokesman for the DPS said.

When the man left in the stolen pickup, with the sale stickers still on the window, the dealership called 911, officials said.

Detectives contacted OnStar, which was able to track the truck as it drove through downtown Phoenix and continued eastbound on I-10. DPS detectives, with assistance from the Phoenix police Firebird helicopter and agents from the U.S. Marshals Service tracked the vehicle. Once outside the Phoenix area, OnStar remotely deactivated the truck and DPS arrested the driver.

“The pursuit came to an end shortly after the OnStar system shut off the engine,” Mehr said.

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