Sir Nick Faldo discusses the special relationship between the late Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus. Here are career accomplishments from these golf legends.

One of Sir Nick Faldo’s favorite memories of Arnold Palmer came at the tournament Jack Nicklaus built.

Faldo was the Memorial Tournament honoree two years ago, and he was touched by watching Nicklaus and Palmer sitting next to each in the clubhouse, with Nicklaus making sure Palmer was doing OK. Faldo described it as a sweet moment between two of the most revered figures in golf.

And then he saw the competitive side of the two rivals.


“Arnold looks out the window and says, ‘Hey, Jack, it looks pretty green out there. I’ve never seen this place looking so green,'” Faldo said. “And Jack goes straight into it: ‘We built a brand new clubhouse. We’re serving Jack Nicklaus wine. We’ve got Jack Nicklaus outerwear. We’ve got Jack Nicklaus sunglasses. We’ve got Jack Nicklaus ice cream.’ And a waiter comes over and says to Arnold, ‘Sir, can I get you a drink?’

“Arnold looks straight at Jack and says, ‘I’ll have an Arnold Palmer.'”


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