Greg McKay, Director of the Department of Child Safety, reveals the temperatures.

Maricopa County on Monday launched a campaign aimed at drawing attention to the danger associated with leaving children or pets in hot cars.

The “Don’t Leave Me Behind!” campaign will run through Aug. 3. The county is challenging residents to keep the numbers down and help raise awareness about the dangers associated with leaving children or pets in hot cars during summer, when the temperature in a vehicle can quickly soar and prove fatal.

“Deaths associated with hot cars are a completely preventable tragedy for both our children and our pets,” said Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery.

Safe Kids AZ says it is never a good idea to leave children inside a parked vehicle, especially during summer months. A vehicle’s interior temperature can heat up 20 degrees in 10 minutes and even when the temperature outside is in the 60s, the inside can heat up to above 110 degrees.

“During the summer last year we were proud to say we saw zero hot car deaths, and this year we are working to ensure we can proclaim the same victory,” said Montgomery.

For more information on the dangers of leaving children and pets unattended inside a parked vehicle, visit The site includes information about heat stroke, tips for avoiding distractions when unloading a vehicle with a child in a rear seat and more information.


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